On Friday 6th November 2020, a Delegation from the Church of Jesus Christof Latter-day Saints visited our Centre to announce their grant to Reach Out for food.
Bishop Mauricio Delmastro was accompanied by his wife Viviana, Ray Kearney, Avril & Tony Rayton and Ruben Lopez were joined by Gitte Lund Thomson Councillor for OARI in Torrevieja for the visit.

In March 2020 as Reach Out was starting to feel the effectes of lockdown, Ray Kearney informed us that we may be able to apply for a Grant from the Church.  In co-ordination with Suzana Lorente of the Church Madrid office an application was formulated and combined with a factura from Al Campo, sent off for assessment in Utah.

In Late September we received notice that the application was succesful and Al Campo would receive monies in our favour.

The sum of €19,228.80 was deposited in AlCampo La Zenia.

We will receive cards in stages up to the value of this, and can shop as and when we wish until the grant has been used up.

Many thanks and a Certificate of Appreciation have been sent to The Church for thier kind and helpful donation at a time when Reach Out was on the brink of closure.

Proof that Prayer Gets Results